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Airless Pump Bottles for Cosmetics ZA54

Feature: Square shape double-layer airless pump bottles with screwing airless dispenser sealing.

Industrial Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Skin Care, Bath & Body Care, Beauty Cosmetics

Processing: Glossy and Frosted Color Coating, UV Metalized refer to Pantone Code color.

Customized Service Available: Silk-screen Printing, Hot-stamping, Heat transfer & Water transfer Printing, Label Stickers, Emboss & Deboss.

SKU/VOLUME L x W HEIGHT(H) Dosage per Strike
ZA54-15ml (0.5oz) Airless Dispenser 35mm x 35mm 98.5mm 0.24ml
ZA54-30ml (1oz) Airless Dispenser 35mm x 35mm 125mm 0.24ml
ZA54-50ml (1.7oz) Airless Dispenser 35mm x 35mm 165.5mm 0.24ml

This square airless pump bottle has a double-layer bottle, airless dispenser and separate lid design. The airless design is efficiently block the contact between the formulation and the outside air to greatly reducing the growth of bacteria, therefor avoiding the inside formulation from being contaminated. It can be used for lotions, essences and body serums.

15ml pump bottle ZA54 0.24cc

0.24cc Airless dispenser ZA54-30ml

airless bottle ZA54-50ml-0.24cc


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