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Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and skin care industries. Glass, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), PP (Polypropylene) and PETG are all used to match dropper cap tops. Lightweight, thick heavy weight and double-layer dropper bottles are selected by clients for their different ideas and applications. The dropper caps have standard plastic dropper caps, child resistant dropper caps, tamper evident dropper caps, pressed dropper top and different colors aluminum dropper caps options. One of other necessary components is the top squeeze bulb or pressed droppers. There are silicone, rubber, PVC and TPE dropper bulbs for selecting according to the formulation compatibility testing result. Another components are called as pipette, glass and PC material are available. With and without graduated pipette are both available. The glass pipette can be processed into standard round and tip pipette. Dropper bottles are perfect for precise dosage extracting.

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