How to creative your cosmetics

2021-01-07 11:04:22

Pls appreciate our creative idea for cosmetics and skincare products, all photos and ideas are finished by Sunrise Cospack Limited designer------Anne Xie.

Usually we tell our clients that we can make any color as per PANTONE CODE and any effect as per their request. But clients always hesitate on account of the product’s final effect. Therefore, we try our best to display different color effect to our clients for their choice. But anyway, it is very important to decide what is your products highlight and unique. Through our cosmetic packaging photos, hope everyone can find your brilliant and unique products!


Shaoxing CosPack Co.,Ltd.

Shaoxing CosPack is a young and creative Chinese Supplier in the packaging industry.Products include Dropper Bottles, Airless Bottles, Cream Jars, Serum Pump Bottles,Toner Bottles, Cosmetic Tubes, Deodorant Containers, and Cardboard Boxes. Should you be interested in these items, take action to contact us!